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long faux fur vest

Why do women love a faux fur vest?

Today’s women, in addition to being charming and flirtatious as they have always been characterized over time, are determined and bold. Their increasingly accentuated participation and leadership within society have led to women becoming more and more self-confident and daring to change. This way of being is reflected in their way of dressing and their…

long faux fur vest

Faux fur vests: an increasingly popular garment

The frequent use of faux fur vests may still seem strange to many people, and it causes them concern why more and more people use them. The truth is that faux fur vests are an increasingly popular garment and that many people dare to try them and fall in love for the first time.  Do you want to look impressive using faux fur vests? You have likely seen these wonderful pieces of clothing on the fashion runways and television…

faux fur vest

How to wear a faux fur vest in winter and look sexy?

Using a faux fur vest in winter has become increasingly popular as it´s a garment that will not only protect you from the low temperatures typical of the season, but you will also be able to stand out and wear a fascinating look. For people a little more daring there are also alternatives to use…

faux fur vest - dark grey

How to wear a faux fur vest in 2021?

Women today are lovers of fashion and clothing that can bring glamor to their outfits. That is why a faux fur vest represents an accessory that cannot be missing in your closet, it has the particularity of highlighting practically any outfit in a great way by just choosing the appropriate one for the occasion. But how…

medium fur vest

Faux fur vests with sleeves or without sleeves: which one to wear?

Many women want to venture into the purchase of new faux fur vests and want to innovate, the desire to acquire new pieces that make them look different and elegant at the same time is always what they want the most. That is why when they are in the clothing store the following question arises:…

black faux fur vest

Best Ideas on What to Wear with a Faux Fur Vest

Wearing a faux fur vest is a matter that does not go out of style, in all seasons there is a perfect vest to wear and combine with multiple garments. In this sense, fans of faux fur vests have the perfect excuse to buy a variety of designs and colors and thus always have at…

woman medium fur vest - gray

How to Style a Faux Fur Vest

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you go to the office, to a special celebration, to a love date, or just shopping, for any occasion there is a faux fur vest that you can combine with the rest of your clothing and create a design perfect for that special occasion. You don´t have to be a…

how to clean faux fur

Why you should have faux fur vest in your wardrobe

Undoubtedly, a woman’s wardrobe is full of numerous articles of clothing, and maybe some of them are used only a couple of times. Women are collectors of clothing by nature, any garment that is trendy and fashionable should have it without sparing the cost. That is why a faux fur vest can not be missing…

How to wear long faux fur vest

How to wear long faux fur vest

Following a trend sounds daring, but being a trendsetter, yourself is something that requires self-confidence combined with highly unique sense of fashion. Long faux fur vest is this seasons’ hot topic that too for all the right reasons. Giving a sense of partial glamour, part rebel and equally graceful this piece of fashion is now…

how to clean faux fur vest

How to clean faux fur

Your luxurious jacket might not look so appealing if it gets dirt on it. With temperature dropping too low and the wish to still rock everyday outfits it is most likely that you are going to need your favorite faux fur more than ever. Sure, there are other options to block freezing breezes but they…

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