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Why you should have faux fur vest in your wardrobe

Undoubtedly, a woman’s wardrobe is full of numerous articles of clothing, and maybe some of them are used only a couple of times. Women are collectors of clothing by nature, any garment that is trendy and fashionable should have it without sparing the cost. That is why a faux fur vest can not be missing in your wardrobe as they represent a piece that complements a perfect outfit to look radiant and stand out from the rest.

The use of faux fur as a textile material to make vests and other clothing has gained strength over time as it offers an alternative very similar to the natural skin of some animals. It´s typically made from processed “polymer” fibers to achieve a specific physical appearance, color, and texture.

Pros of wearing a faux fur vest:

  • It´s a garment that can be used naturally without feeling uncomfortable since its weight is very light.
  • The quality of faux fur is very good since it´s made with durable fabrics so that the garment lasts a long time without altering its texture and appearance.
  • Provides excellent waterproofing which makes it a favorite piece of clothing for winter and thus not worrying about those moments where the rain can cause an uncomfortable moment.
  • Another reason to be preferred in the winter season is that it offers enormous warmth compared to vests made of other materials. It allows wearing a fashionable and distinguished outfit while protecting the person from the low temperatures of the season.
  • People who wear a faux fur vest assure that they can wear it comfortably as they can have body perspiration naturally.
  • By wearing a faux fur vest you will be supporting and accepting the preference of this type of fur instead of using animal skins. The procedure and techniques used to obtain the vests and garments with animal skin is an unpleasant fact that should not be supported in any way since it affects the lives of many species.

Types of faux fur vest according to size:

In the different options of faux fur vests to wear, there are a variety of models in terms of shape and designs, these can vary from the style of the sleeves to the style of the neck. However, in terms of size, these are classified into:

  • Shorts: they are ideal to highlight only the upper part of the body while leaving the legs uncovered to show off good pants and even a skirt. There are a variety of options and colors to choose from and thus combine with any other garment.
  • Medium: perfect for those a little more daring who want to attract attention with a faux fur vest that covers most of their body and protects a little more from the cold.
  • Long: When it comes to elegance and style, a long vest made of faux fur is perfect for that purpose. Fashionistas know that a good long vest will attract the eyes of many.

To choose a vest made of synthetic fur, it´s important to consider the curves of the body, since the ideal is that the piece adapts to the shape of the body and thus manages to hide little imperfections. Another important aspect to take into account is the size of the back, shoulders, and bust to select a vest that can hide very wide areas.

How to recognize a faux fur vest from a vest with natural or animal fur?

With the advanced technology, textile techniques have been improved every time, which has led to a quality of faux fur that is very similar to a skin of animal origin. However, there are some characteristics or criteria to take into account when buying a vest to select the faux origin and not the animal so as not to support the mistreatment of the species.

When buying a vest you can perform the following tests to determine the origin of the skin:

  • Touch very well with the hands and thoroughly examine the garment. The fingers when touching the skin of natural or animal origin glide easily and the fabric has very soft and smooth touch. On the contrary, a leather of faux origin is thicker than the natural one and when you slide your fingers over it, a somewhat stiff texture feels.
  • Look closely at the bottom of the vest. Separating the bristles or hair from the vest can help differentiate the origin of the skin. In the skins of animal origin, the bottom is quite dark and dirty since it´s glued directly to the skin of the animal itself. In the case of leathers of synthetic origin, the hairs or bristles have a bottom made of a textile fabric that can be easily appreciated.
  • Perform the pin test. You should take a pin or a needle and try to penetrate the skin of the vest, if the pin or sharp object manages to penetrate the skin, it means that it´s a fabric of faux origin. On the contrary, a pin or needle will never pierce the skin of natural or animal origin.
  • Look at the price of the vest. In general, clothing of animal origin is more expensive than that of synthetic origin. However, today this test is not the most accurate since there are synthetic skins that are very well made, so some stores market them as animal skins and sell them expensive, ensuring that they are natural.

So, Why you should have faux fur vest in your wardrobe?

Because of the many pros it offers and that were mentioned above, because of the elegant and distinguishable appearance that it´s able to contribute to any dress outfit, because of the variety of prices in the market which are very accessible, because they can be combined in many ways depending on the occasion because they are always trendy and never go out of style.

To look splendid

You already know that having a faux fur vest in your wardrobe is something you should consider if you haven’t already. If you look within all the available models, surely you can choose the ones that best suit you and thus strengthen your personality by wearing them so that the rest can distinguish you.

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