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Why you should have faux fur vest in your wardrobe

Owning a faux fur vest is more than just a fashion statement, it’s an investment that will make you feel as gorgeous as you look.

If you already have a style in mind with a faux fur item you’re probably weighing up the benefits to determine how many you should buy. 

That’s right, once you have your first faux fur coat you will soon be hankering to invest in more styles.

As stylist and fashion consultant Stacy London would say, “any item in your wardrobe should satisfy one of two criteria: utility and joy.” 

With our vast collection of faux fur garments, you will be getting the best of both! 

Just looking at the collection will make you feel all fuzzy inside. 

Besides, fake fur is made with soft, plush, synthetic fibers – making them animal friendly and sustainable.

  • Easy to Clean

Real fur (almost) needs more care and attention than your favorite pet. Keeping real fur clean is practically a full-time job in itself. 

Cleaning and caring for your faux fur item is easy and you don’t have to worry about calling in professional cleaning services just to keep it as fresh as your new look.

  • More Durable Than Real Fur

This might come as an unexpected surprise, but fake fur is much more durable than the real thing. 

The synthetic fibers used in the latest faux fur trend are made to last. 

Animal fur is actually known to lose its colour, whereas faux fur clothes can last many years – when properly cared for.

  • Easy to Store

During hot or humid seasons, you will need to store real fur vests in climate control storage units to avoid any damage to them. 

Whereas you can simply store your faux fur jacket in your wardrobe, and it will stay as good as new.

  • Stand Out

Faux fur is a hot fashion trend at the moment, with so many different ways to wear them. 

Stay snug in the cold weather with this winter wardrobe staple or stand out in shorter faux fur jackets when the seasons change.

Whatever your preference, plush faux fur can showcases their sense of style and ability to dress to impress. 

Faux shearling never goes out of style and can be easily paired with a casual outfit, or a glamorous night on the town.

Types Of Faux Fur Vests According to Size

Depending on the particular style you have in mind you might need to invest in a specific size. 

Although fake fur items are still made according to the numbered size, they also come in varying lengths for the perfect balance to your favorite outfits.

  • Short – Perfect with a short dress or skirt, shades, sun, and cocktails. Short vests can be worn to most casual events as an elegant yet simple outfit.
  • Medium – Perfect for those chilly days where you just want to stay warm and show off. Ideal with a pair of boots for a winter warmer – outdoors or indoors.
  • Long – If you’re going for an elegant and classy look you need to add a long faux fur vest to your wardrobe for that perfect garment.

With the advanced technology, textile techniques have been improved every time, which has led to a quality of faux fur that is very similar to a skin of animal origin. 

However, there are some characteristics or criteria to take into account when buying a vest to select the faux origin and not the animal so as not to support the mistreatment of the species.

Don’t worry it’s not that difficult, just follow this short guide;

  • Burn it. (Not Literally) – Last resort if you really can’t find out whether your garment is real fur or faux fur. Pull out three strands of ‘fur’ and light it up on a flameproof surface such as a ceramic plate. Does it smell like plastic or more like you just burned your hair with matches? And voila – therein lies your answer!
  • Examine the Bottom of the Vest – Real fur vests usually incorporate manufacturing where the fur was glued to the animal’s skin directly. This means you can easily draw the fur away at the bottom of the vest to see whether the fur was glued to hard leather-type material.
  • Pierce with a Pin – it is not easy for a pin to penetrate through hard animal leather. If the pin goes straight through the surface without any difficulty, it’s probably animal-friendly faux.
  • What’s the Price? – One of the most beneficial factors with faux fur is that you won’t be paying for it by removing any limbs. New faux fur vests made from fake leather or faux fur will not cost an arm and a leg, (neither yours nor the animal’s). It is by far the more affordable choice.

So, Why you should have faux fur vest in your wardrobe?

Because of the many pros it offers and that were mentioned above.

Because of the elegant and distinguishable appearance that it´s able to contribute to any dress outfit. 

Because of the variety of prices in the market which are very accessible.

Because they can be combined in many ways depending on the occasion.

Because they are always trendy and never go out of style.

To look splendid

You already know that having a faux fur vest in your wardrobe is something you should consider if you haven’t already. 

If you look within all the available models, surely you can choose the ones that best suit you and thus strengthen your personality by wearing them so that the rest can distinguish you.

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