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women fur vest

You can wear a faux fur vest all year round!

Are you one of those people who don’t like to get so complicated when dressing and buying clothes that can be used for any season of the yearThen the safest thing is that you know that you can wear a faux fur vest all year round. Believe it or not, it’s a fairly versatile and functional garment that you can combine with the rest of the accessories and pieces that you have in your wardrobe. 

If you didn’t know and now you have discovered that you can wear one of your favorite garments throughout the year, you surely feel that you have discovered surprising and wonderful news since you are lovers of faux fur vests of all the colors and textures that exist. Well, let me tell you that if you loved them before, now you will love them much more when you learn to combine the vests that you already have to be able to wear throughout the year. Read on and find out. 

Ideas to wear faux fur vests throughout the year 

Vests alone with nothing on the bottom 

This option may seem crazy to you but find out that many people today like and support this trend. A faux fur vest that covers a large part of the body can be worn without any additional pieces of clothing at the bottom without any problem. This alternative is perfect for summer and hot spring days. The same vest combined with a long-sleeved blouse can be used in winter. 

Tight and cropped vests 

Women are lovers of wearing tight garments that flatter us and that show off our slim silhouette. A short, fitted faux fur vest is a great option for any occasion and suitable for any season. Also, it brings a refined and sophisticated touch that makes it an appropriate option for any formal event. 

Longline vests 

Choose any look according to the season and to that same outfit add a longline faux fur vest, you will see how great it becomes just by adding this spectacular piece. The ideal is to play with all the clothes you are wearing and look for an appropriate contrast. You can look to highlight the faux fur vest or on the contrary, highlight the clothes you wear underneath. In a matter of tastes and preferences, there are infinite options, you just have to create your design and show it off. 

Printed vests with exotic style 

Faux fur vests with prints, bright color combinations, or any other detail on these that give you joy and fun, represent a sophisticated and stylish option that many friends have in common. These types of pieces must be combined with other neutral colors such as black, white, brown, or beige.

The classic long black vest 

This is a piece that is a must have in our wardrobe, it fits with any other garment, accessory, and occasion. The best of all is that combining with the indicated pieces, the same faux fur vest can be used throughout the year. Dare to use it with a belt, in layers, or with any other color that stands out to create a different look typical of your personality. 

Vests with skirts or dresses 

For the most feminine women who love to show off their legs with total freedom and sensuality, the combination of faux fur vests with skirts and dresses are a glamorous and sensual alternative typical of the feminine spirit of today’s woman. There is a dress and skirt for every season of the year, combine it with the appropriate faux fur vest and enjoy your look.

For the winter and autumn season it’s advisable to opt for long dresses and skirts while for summer and spring, short skirts and dresses are the most used. 

Wear the vest in the form of layers 

One way to wear a faux fur vest that adds style to our outfit and that is suitable for any season of the year is to use it as if they were layers. Using multiple pieces of clothing that include a vest and providing that layering effect can turn out to be an unpleasant option to look at if you don’t know how to measure the proportions very well.

However, if you play with the style, lengths of the pieces, and types of textures, you can achieve a phenomenal and fashionable look. 

Faux fur vests during the winter season 

We already know that we can wear our favorite vest all year round but let’s face it, the best season to use a faux fur vest is during winter. The cold typical of winter often makes us not want to go out so as not to be subjected to such low temperatures, it’s there where the faux fur vests become our allies, they protect us from the cold and make us look elegant. 

The fresh and cozy textures are the favorites during this season and the most important thing is that they can be combined with any look. If you have a party at night or a romantic dinner and you feel that the weather invites you to stay at home, it’s time to cover yourself with an elegant faux fur vest and go out to enjoy the night without fear of freezing. 

An option for every occasion 

If you look at all the above ideas, there is room for all tastes, all trends, and all seasons. If you feel disoriented when choosing an outfit in which you want to wear a faux fur vest, with these basic tips you will surely be able to orient yourself a bit and put together a combination that suits your occasion and style. 

The most important thing when wearing any look and faux fur vest is to feel the confidence and security when wearing it, transmitting that energy and vibration will be the reflection of what other people see of you. 

Elegant all year round 

Don’t think about it anymore, it’s already very clear that you can wear a faux fur vest all year round so go ahead and discover the available options and start practicing from now on putting together and combining looks for the different seasons. Be it winter, fall, spring, and even summer, you can find the appropriate faux fur vest. 

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