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faux fur vest

How to wear a faux fur vest in the spring?

If you’re looking for a stylish way to add a little elegance to your wardrobe, then a faux fur garment is the ultimate in spring fashion.

Faux fur vests are becoming increasingly popular, and there are a number of different ways to wear them. You can wear them as outerwear, pair them with jeans or a skirt, or even go full-out old-school glamour for a night on the town.
Jump into your favorite faux fur jacket this spring and explore new combinations that accentuate your personal style.

How to Step into Spring with Faux Fur Vests

In the world of fashion, change is the only constant – especially during springtime. Spring is a time of rebirth when the weather starts to get warmer, and people start to feel more free and happy.

What better way to express your vibrant personality than with a faux fur coat? These garments don’t only show that you care about the environment and animals but also showcase your luxurious style and sense of fashion.

Although the winter is over it’s important to remember it’s not summer yet and there will still be chilly afternoons and cold nights lurking. Your faux fur vest will be the perfect companion to keep you comfortable – while looking fabulous!

Let’s take a look at how you can make springtime your favorite season with the latest trend.

woman medium fur vest - gray
Short vest "ROSA" - 84.99€

Wear Colorful Clothes

Wearing a faux fur jacket in spring can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. The best way is by pairing it with colorful combination layers. Make sure that the layers are light enough so that the faux fur vest doesn’t overpower them, and choose colors that work together.

For example, if you’re wearing blue jeans, you could try pairing the pants with a light green sweater or an orange blouse. This will give your outfit a fresh look that will complement the faux fur perfectly.

Add a pair of colorful sunglasses and your look will come to life with both the color and fluffy textures of your garment. For some extra pizzazz, you can also add high heel or ankle boots.


Start by choosing a skirt that has some movement with soft materials. You don’t want it to be too restrictive or uncomfortable, so go for something that will flatter your figure. For the top layer, choose a simple but stylish sleeveless faux fur vest layered over a plain white or black shirt.

A skirt that falls below the knee is the perfect length to wear with faux fur vests and will help you to stay comfortable while looking stylishly gorgeous. Combine a pair of low-key ankle boots and sunglasses to the top of this perfect springtime look.


If you’re looking for a stylish but casual outfit to wear in spring then you should consider wearing a faux fur vest paired with skinny jeans or faux leather leggings. This will add a touch of luxury and glamour to your look, while also keeping you warm and comfortable.


Peonies, tulips, and primroses are the perfect accessories for any cheerful springtime outfit, but flowers are not everyone’s choice when it comes to colorful fashion accessories.

Why not add a faux fur plush shoulder bag or Cotton Bowknot boots from My Fur Vest to your wardrobe? These accessories can add the perfect balance to your outfit without stealing the shine of your fluffy vest.

The right belt can also work as a fabulous accessory with your springtime outfit. Combine a brown belt with neutral colors or bright colored belts with colorful outfits to blend perfectly well with spring fashion.

Outfits for spring include a faux fur vest 

You already have the ideas in mind of how to wear a faux fur vest in the spring but would you like to know some more defined options? Check out these wonderful spring outfits below that include the faux fur vests you love so much. 

  • Black pants, long-sleeved black blouse, red shoes, red bag, sunglasses, short brown sleeveless faux fur vest, and hair tied back. Elegant look perfect for a night out, the red color stands out in this combination and will make you look sensual.
  • Worn jean, loose long-sleeved white blouse, brown ankle boots, beige sleeveless short faux fur vest, and loose hair. A quick option that will make you look light and fresh. Perfect for a quick outing that doesn’t take long to get ready.

  • Black leather pants, long-sleeved jean shirt, navy blue sleeveless medium faux fur vest, large black bag, and loose hair. Formal and elegant outfit for leather lovers. This alternative goes very well for a night out and for any event that requires a touch of elegance and distinction.
  • Short white long-sleeved dress, flat sandals, short gray sleeveless faux fur vest, a small gray bag to the side, and hair tied back. An option for those women who love to show off their legs and look elegant at the same time. This option is fresh and elegant, white makes this outfit suitable for an event during the day or night.
  • Brown skirt close to the body up to the knees, wine long-sleeved blouse, wine high heels, short beige sleeveless faux fur vest, and hair tied back. Elegant and glamorous option for a romantic date in which you want to look sensual and sophisticated. The wine color is a vibrant color that represents passion, you can play with any other accessory in this color and add it.
  • Short loose long-sleeved dress with polka dot print, black tights, white sleeveless short faux fur vest, cream-colored ankle boots, cream-colored side bag, loose hair, and black hat. For those dreamy women who like to convey freedom and freshness, this option is very successful. Ideal for going out on the shopping day or for a date with friends. 

Spring into Fashion

Spring, winter, summer, fall – rain, shine – No matter what the weather, you will always be able to incorporate your favorite faux fur vest into a new season.

Springtime is just that time; the time to explore, be colorful and smile. And you will smile when you browse our impressive collection of faux fur accessories.

Visit My Fur Vest for the ultimate guide to choosing the right faux fur vest for your stylish springtime.

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