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long faux fur vest

Why do women love a faux fur vest?

Today’s women, in addition to being charming and flirtatious as they have always been characterized over time, are determined and bold. Their increasingly accentuated participation and leadership within society have led to women becoming more and more self-confident and daring to change. This way of being is reflected in their way of dressing and their daily development, that is why a faux fur vest cannot be missing in the closet of a 21st-century woman.

A faux fur vest is synonymous with irreverence and elegance at the same time, energy, and subtlety simultaneously that is why it´s practically a perfect garment to define that energy and voracity that characterizes today’s, glamorous woman.

  1. Represents a versatile garment that can be worn on any special occasion. You can find a faux fur vest to show off a sporty outfit, to go to work, to go shopping, or to attend a gala party if the opportunity presents itself.
  2. Protects from the low temperatures typical of the winter season while whoever uses them is wearing a fashionable piece.
  3. There are a variety of options available, sleeveless, with sleeves, short, medium, long, low volume, medium volume, high volume, solid color, patterns, and a combination of different textures. For this reason, the existing variety makes it possible to satisfy multiple tastes.
  4. Provides security and confidence in the women who use them thanks to the fact that its a garment that is fashionable and that more and more women are encouraged to try them.
  5. In the case of women with many curves or large sizes who tend to be a little complex due to the shape of their figure, faux fur vest are usually very preferred since they are capable of hiding or concealing the female silhouette thanks to the fact that It´s a large piece that can cover a large part of the body.
  6. It´s a piece that has the ability to stand out on its thanks to the design criteria contemplated during its manufacturing process, so women who are fashion lovers and who love to stand out when they go out are fans of the faux fur vests.

How to use a faux fur vest correctly?

Wearing a faux fur vest is not a very complicated matter to say, however, it´s convenient to know some considerations in order to be able to wear it properly and not clash with the rest of our outfit or worse yet totally disengage in the event you plan to attend.

Then, the winter season arrived and we know that faux fur vests are a trend in addition to protecting us from the cold in these times. Additionally, we want to feel warm while sporting a sophisticated and fashionable outfit. But then comes the question that all the beginners in the world of faux fur vests ask themselves and that question is how do I use them to look good?

If you are one of the women who have not yet dared to use your first faux fur vest and are afraid of using it inappropriately, here are some basic tips that you can consider so that you can dare to use your vest and thus look confident and splendid.

medium fur vest
faux fur vest
medium fur vest

Recommendations to follow:

  • It´s important to first consider the length of the vest that you want to choose as well as its complete shape since you must bear in mind that faux fur vest has the characteristic of “thickening” the wardrobe that we wear in order to contribute volume.
    That is why its recommended to select a fur vest that is not so thick so that the first impression is not so exaggerated. As for the length, leather vests that reach the hips go very well with most women since they have the particularity of stylizing the figure and highlighting the outfit you are wearing.
    Women who are very thin and short may do better with a short fur vest.
  • Consider that the faux fur vest that you are going to use is the most striking piece of the entire outfit that you are going to wear; that is, the pants, blouse, dress, or other accessories, must match the leather vest without highlighting too much so as not to take away attention. Also, 2 or more eye-catching pieces in the same outfit will look very overloaded and out of place for any occasion.
  • Plentiful accessories do not go well with faux fur vests whatever the length and shape of the vest. The volume provided by the leather vest is sufficient as an ornament, it´s convenient to wear only a few earrings and a watch or bracelet. Overloading our outfit with additional and eye-catching accessories will result in causing a first negative impact in the eyes of all.
long faux fur vest
long faux fur vest
faux fur vest
  • This garment is extremely versatile that allows you to use it and combine it with many other garments, you can dust off those jeans that have been stored for a long time or that dress that you like to use so much. The faux fur vest goes very well with practically any garment, you just have to pay attention to the color combination of your entire outfit and select the right footwear so that you look great.
  • As last advice and not least, when you buy your vest do not forget to check the material of it, you must check that it´s 100% synthetic, do not allow or support animal abuse.

Don’t wait any longer and wear yours

If you want to update and look like a sensual woman of the 21st century, a faux fur vest you must buy and wear. Also, if you want to be more bearable in winter and protect yourself from low temperatures without having to wear an outfit out of place, this trend fits perfectly in your desire. Do not settle for just observing other women looking elegant and modern, encourage yourself to be part of that group too.

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