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Fast facts on faux fur

fast facts on faux fur

You’ve probably heard of faux fur but aren’t sure what it’s made of. 

Faux fur has caused a stir in recent years because it seeks to raise awareness about animal abuse.

If you buy a faux fur garment instead of a real fur garment, you will simply be supporting a noble cause. 

Continue reading to learn fast facts about faux fur and encourage yourself to support this cause and save animal lives.

Faux fur: what it is?

All faux fur is artificial. 

However, do not think that being fake skin is synonymous with poor quality. 

It may even look better than genuine leather, only high-quality synthetic leather should be selected.

Furthermore, it is capable of providing the appearance and texture of real fur without animal suffering.

Describing fast facts about faux fur

To assist you in choosing, we’ve put together a list of crucial information concerning faux fur. 

We are animal lovers and have created this fast reference guide to help you fall in love with faux fur.

The idea is that you support a good cause while enjoying your choice. 

Here we cover all the information you need to know from what it’s made of to its cleaning.

How does fake fur is manufactured?

Through the method is similar to cotton candy spinning, faux fur is manufactured from synthetic fibres. 

How realistic the fake fur can appear and feel depends on the quality of the synthetic fibres produced throughout this process.

Faux fur is made from synthetic materials like:

  • A mixture of natural and synthetic fibres
  • Acrylic
  • Polyester 

How can the quality of fake fur be determined?

When you go to make your purchase, do not hesitate to caress the skin of your vest or article of clothing if you are making your purchase in person.

The quality of faux fur is mostly determined by key elements. 

Considering quality synthetic fur entails doing the following:


Any fake fur tends to shed. 

It’s natural for a few clumps to come out of your faux fur jacket, coat or vest when you gently brush it, but it’s not very appealing. 

So when you go to choose your garment, check that the quality of your synthetic fur does not leave traces of lint.


Synthetic leather garments should not be uncomfortable or you will end up not using them the first time. 

On the contrary, faux fur should always be fluffy and soft to the touch so that you stay comfortable all the time. 

Faux fur should have a nice, smooth texture to caress.


You can safely bend or compress the synthetic fibres and they will return to their initial position. 

When the fibres are of the highest quality and calibre, they can change and return to how they were before.

The artificial fur can react when you manipulate it but it will not lose its original shape. 

For example, if you place an object on a sofa for several days flattening its fur, it should eventually return to its normal shape.

Why choose high-quality faux fur?

For choosing clothes and accessories, faux fur is ideal. You will not only be able to look sexy but also glamorous and elegant. 

Plus the highest quality faux leather will appear and feel so authentic that it can easily be mistaken for the real thing. 

It is very difficult to check with the naked eye that you are using fake skin.

Choosing exceptional faux fur clothing will give you protection against cold weather conditions, flexibility, and durability. 

In addition, you will be supporting animal life by not contributing to the purchase of real fur.

Offers good solutions for your home

Faux fur home goods are the new trend to turn to if you’re in the mood to redecorate your house. 

Decor made of faux fur is always a good choice.

faux fur vest for winter

Creative, comfortable ways to express yourself in your living spaces include adding a dash of amazing patterns or a pop of vibrant colour. 

To fit any aesthetic you desire for your home, a wide range of textures and styles are available.

Fake fur is cheaper

Faux fur can help you save money. 

Although prices may vary depending on the quality, brand, and variety available, you will still save money after your purchase. 

So buy your faux fur clothing or accessory with confidence, and you won’t spend a lot of money on them.

The colours and styles of fake fur are endless.

Your colour and style options are virtually endless when you choose faux fur

Every colour you can think of is available in faux fur coats, hoods, and household items. 

That is the appeal of faux fur.

You have the option to play with your imagination mixing colours, patterns, and designs. 

There are no limits to the options available so surely there is a perfect solution for you.

Faux fur saves animal life

When compared to genuine fur, faux fur is a more moral choice. 

The lives of the animals are saved by your deliberate decision to purchase faux. 

Eliminating the purchase of real fur the number of animals that are trapped, subjected to brutality, and put in danger decrease.

Millions of animals are killed or tortured every year for the sake of fashion. 

On industrial farms, helpless animals are held in cramped cages made of wire mesh. 

Wild animals are caught in metal traps. 

Making the switch to faux fur is justifiable given the horrible abuse they receive.

Can faux fur be cleaned easier?

The simplicity of cleaning faux fur in comparison to genuine fur is one of its many benefits. 

Not that you won’t have guidelines to follow, though.

Faux fur

Your vest, hood, or blanket needs to be carefully taken care of to maintain its beauty and durability. 

But in the comfort of your home, you can wash and clean your faux fur articles by yourself.

The best strategy is spot-cleaning

Your faux fur elements don’t truly need to be cleaned that frequently. Is sufficient and recommended only with spot cleaning. 

To prolong the beauty and life of your garment or article, save a full bath only a few times per year.

Steps to remove stains:

Know the steps to remove stains on your synthetic leather. How quickly faux fur recovers from small mistakes will amaze you:

  • Spot cleaning with lukewarm water and soft rubbing.
  • Excess water should be squeezed out firmly, then the item should be dried by hanging it in an area with lots of airflow.
  • We advise hanging it outside for a thorough airing out if a persistent smell is a problem.

Carefully washing your fake fur

Maintaining and caring for your faux fur does require special care. 

Washing it by hand will help you care for your faux fur so if you take good care of it, you won’t need to wash it very often.

Faux fur

If you follow these 7 procedures correctly, you will learn how to care for your artificial fur items properly:


Remove any paper, bags, or debris from your faux fur clothing pockets.


Fill a large container with water to hold your synthetic fur clothing. 

You can also use your bathtub or sink, everything will depend on the item’s size to be washed.


Put your faux fur in the cool water and start washing. Hand washes your faux fur gently but firmly to remove any trapped dust or debris.

You might not be ready for the quantity of dirt that leaks from your clothing, accessories, or household products. 

Faux fur may collect an awful lot of dust and filth. 

So it’s good that you know.


Empty and refill your bowl, sink, or bathtub several times with cool, fresh water. 

If you still see any stains, lightly rub such areas to further dislodge dirt and grime.


When your water is crystal clear and your faux fur is filth-free, press and squeeze the faux fur out of the extra water while you doing strong but gently. 


To avoid exposure to direct sunlight, hang your faux fur close to an open window or outside. 

Your blanket or item of clothing will dry more quickly the more air that is moving around it.

Be patient. 

For bigger faux fur items, the drying process can take a day or two. 

To make sure all surfaces are evenly exposed to some wind and warmth, we advise rotating your item every few hours and checking on it.


While it’s still a little damp, use a wide-toothed brush to comb your faux fur. 

Your item’s original shape will be preserved with this technique. 

Repeat the same when it has dried entirely.

Select The Best Faux Fur Jacket, Vest or Coat

Thanks to these fast facts on faux fur, you now know what aspects to consider when buying an article of this style. 

In addition, you can carry out proper maintenance yourself at home following our recommendations.

The cleaning steps that we present to you are the best way to preserve it originally. 

Don’t think twice and choose faux fur instead of real fur.

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