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real fur vest

5 things you didn’t know about faux fur vest

Faux fur is one of the most popular trends in fashion right now, and for good reason. It’s fashionable, versatile, and perfect for cold or warm weather climates. Throughout the year faux fur has been used in a variety of different products. You might have seen faux fur cushions and other products available as well. But nothing beats the actual reason why faux fur is so popular.

Faux Fur Vests.

But what are some of the hidden facts about faux fur that you may not know?

Here are five interesting facts about faux fur that will surprise you! Other than providing you with a fabulous look there is a lot more to these luxurious garments

short faux fur vest
Short faux fur vest ROSA

Faux Fur is Made from a Variety of Fibers

Faux Fur Vests are made from a variety of fibers. Some of these fibers are more commonly used in clothing than others but are all synthetic materials. The materials most faux fur vests are made from include polyester and acrylics. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that’s often used in clothing for its durable and lightweight texture that suits the quality you would expect from faux fur vests.

Faux fur vests are also made from acrylics which are synthetic materials that are similar to polyester but have a slightly different texture. The fibers used in producing faux fur vests help to make the vests last longer due to real fur wearing out quickly over time.

It’s Not Always Made from Fibers

Some manufacturers choose to produce their faux fur from a variety of rayon and wool. In some cases, manufacturers might also use pieces of real animal hair and knit them together to create fake fur fibers. The natural color will be able to tell whether the fur is completely artificial or not. This is due to the dye being applied to the faux fur vest during production.

There is a Major Difference in the Look and Feel of Faux VS Real Fur

You might think that faux fur vest brands would want to associate their selling point with how close to real fur their materials might be. But in actual fact faux fur and real fur are completely different and faux is known to be more comfortable and more resistant to cold and warmer weather. Being less expensive than real fur is a great benefit as you will wear it with comfort in knowing you are supporting animal-friendly production as well as saving a lot of money.

Cleaning is No Hassle

Cleaning and taking care of a faux fur vest is not as difficult as you might expect. There is no rocket science to it and no need to take it to the dry cleaners. Having a faux fur vest does however demand you take certain steps in making sure that you are cleaning it correctly and not wasting anything on the vest.

Faux fur vests are a popular fashion item, and people often wonder how to clean them. Though it may seem difficult at first, there’s actually no need to worry – faux fur vests are easy to clean. The easiest way to clean a faux fur vest is by using a bucket and some lukewarm water. Soak the vest for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water.

It Loves Mother Earth and its Inhabitants

Faux fur vests are extremely popular not only for their luxurious stylings look but also for their respect for mother earth and animals. There are no documented links of environmental degradation found with the production of faux fur vests. Even when compared to mink fur coats 5 faux fur vests do not come close to the significant impact it has on climate change.

Choose Your Style Faux Fur Vest

Not only will you be providing yourself with a glamorous look and eye-catching style but also support mindful production values towards animals and climate change. Visit My Fur Vest to witness some of the most spectacular designs of faux fur vests available for online purchase. With all these facts that set faux fur apart from any other material, you can be sure to stay comfortable and feel luxurious at the same time.

long fur vest in white color
short woman faux fur vest in grey color


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