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artificial fur vest

Faux Fur vs Real Fur: Which Is More Sustainable? 

Many people are immersed in a concern that has gradually been gaining strength, it’s about conservation and environmental care. When it comes to fashion and clothing, the same concern naturally arises in those who decide to buy new clothes. That is why here we clarify some doubts about faux fur vest vs real fur and which one is more sustainable.

Environmental concerns

Sustainability is a term that little by little has gained strength and with great reason since it’s linked to the action of the man about his environment. It’s necessary to find a balance between natural and environmental resources and human development in terms of the industrial processes necessary for sustainable development. For this reason, every day more attention is paid to sustainable products.

The concern that arises by conservationists and environmental protectors is due to the use of materials and products of animal origin in the manufacture of clothing based on skins since their manufacture places the lives of animals at a certain risk.

In this sense, many defenders of animal rights are strongly opposed to the use of natural fur since most of the clothing is material from cattle slaughtered and treated during their manufacturing process.

In the case of faux fur, these garments represent an ethical, conservationist alternative that is highly supported by animal rights defenders since no materials of animal origin are used during their manufacturing process.
However, faux fur is a non-renewable article because it’s made from plastic; particularly Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), which constitutes a highly damaging material for the environment and is non-biodegradable.

So there is still the question of which is more sustainable if the faux fur or real fur.

Pros and cons of faux fur vest vs real fur

Faux fur pros

  • It costs much less than natural leathers, therefore it is within the reach of most budgets.
  • Being an artificial option, they can be manufactured in a wide variety of textures, designs, and colors. In this sense, it represents a fabulous option for those people who love to innovate and vary their outfits.
  • It can resist ultraviolet rays from the sun and is not susceptible to fading. Additionally, its maintenance and cleaning are very simple to carry out, it’s not necessary to have much experience with the handling of this type of leather.
  • It’s not necessary to sacrifice any animal or use animal products to make an artificial fur garment.

Faux Fur cons

  • Artificial threads tend to come off more easily in clothing and other made-up items than natural threads.
  • They do not tend to warm or protect as a garment made of real leather does.

Real fur pros

  • It can be used for many commercial purposes; For example, in the automotive industry, in shoemaking, handbag manufacturing, clothing, furniture, carpets, decorative items for the home, etc. However, items made of real fur are considered luxurious and of a prestigious hue.
  • Real fur has the goodness of breathing better, so people who use an article made with it can enjoy a much more comfortable piece. In addition, for the cases of garments that have direct contact with the skin, it’s very pleasant to the touch and can be used for hours without feeling any discomfort.
  • A high-quality leather made from real fur tends to become softer to the touch as time passes and ages.
  • Many people have stated that the smell of real fur is not annoying, on the contrary, many people love this smell.

Real fur cons

  • Its price is much higher than artificial fur. They can cost twice and even triple that of faux fur, everything will depend on the type of animal and the procedure required for its manufacture.
  • Exposing the real fur to the ultraviolet rays of the sun for a long time can cause skin color to deteriorate. In addition, high temperatures can also affect its integrity; for example, when a garment remains locked up for hours in a closed vehicle.
  • Animals must be sacrificed to be able to make garments or items from natural skin. In this sense, it’s considered a cruel and disgusting act for many conservationists.
real fur vest
real fur vest


Which is better for the environment? Real fur or faux fur?

There are different perceptions regarding the use of faux fur vest and real fur. Many support the theory that faux fur is more ecological and conservationist than real fur since it’s not necessary to resort to animal abuse. Other experts support the fact that natural skins are still the best material to make clothes and other similar items, the drawback is in the use of chemicals during their manufacturing process.

Even though real fur continues to be of a higher status than faux fur because it has some pros in terms of protection, elegance, etc. It’s criticized negatively by vegetarians/vegans and those who are against sacrificing animals for aesthetic purposes.

It’s important to emphasize that the textile industry represents one of the biggest responsible for the pollution that currently exists in the environment, motivated by the large number of reagents and chemical products that generate toxic waste and that are not treated as they should be. These wastes affect water and air pollution, which represents a danger to flora, fauna, and human health.

In this sense, the degree of sustainability of each type of fur will depend to a large extent on the treatment carried out by the companies that are in charge of manufacturing the garments. To considerably reduce pollution levels throughout the world, it’s necessary to expand and make effective use of treatment plants in the textile industry to minimize the environmental impact that it generates.

Do you already know which one to choose?

Surely you are already clearer about the differences between faux fur vs real fur and which is more sustainable. The pros and cons of each of these alternatives will help you select the one that best suits your style and taste. The selection must always be made in a reasoned manner, comparing options and always thinking of avoiding as much as possible the greatest environmental damage.

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