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How to wear long faux fur vest

How to wear long faux fur vest

Following a trend sounds daring, but being a trendsetter, yourself is something that requires self-confidence combined with highly unique sense of fashion. Long faux fur vest is this seasons’ hot topic that too for all the right reasons. Giving a sense of partial glamour, part rebel and equally graceful this piece of fashion is now a must have in the wardrobe of fashion queens. The exciting thing about long vest faux fur is you can toss it over a casual jeans and tee and still the most admired fashion icon in the room.
This article will give you tips on how to style your favorite long vest faux fur to make heads turn as you walk through the doors.

Styling long faux fur

First things first, this piece of beauty provides a lot of warmth itself so you might not want to suffocate yourself with extra layers of jackets or coats underneath it. The vest adds grace to your perfectly shaped arms, dressed in a long-sleeved shirt or a simple blouse. Even if you are concerned about excessive holiday weight stuck around your arms, they will not appear so thick in front of this stylish fur vest. To mark your fashion statement, we would personally recommend you to have a look at these glamorous styles and gather some tips on how to wear these pretty garments.

Raise the bar

It might come as a total surprise but you can definitely wash your faux fur in a washing machine! But don’t forget to keep it separate from your other clothes as fur tends to shed. Moreover, it is advised to set your machine to a less harsh gentle wash and do not toss it into the drier afterward. It likes to soak the sun! For cleaning tips read our blog post.

The simpler the better

An entire unicolor look with a complimentary faux vest can never go wrong. A longer vest can be styled perfectly with anything you come across in your wardrobe and a pair of leather pants with matching Tee is one of those choices. A simple yet catchy outfit can be easily created this way!

Here is pictorial demonstration on how to wash faux fur using machine and handwash.

Classy and chic

A Sunday brunch or a night out with friends, long faux fur vest can be easily styled with casual denim and T-shirt or a knee length dress with long boots. Pair it with the best combination of complementary color boots and a plain dress to have admirable side glances throughout your day.

Long faux fur vests are in for the long haul and people don’t seem like getting enough of it anytime soon. We advise you to loosen up your pocket and grant yourself a little treat to make everyone you know jealous over how effortlessly gorgeous you look even in these minimal temperatures.

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