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faux fur vest

How to wear a faux fur vest in winter and look sexy?

Using a faux fur vest in winter has become increasingly popular as it´s a garment that will not only protect you from the low temperatures typical of the season, but you will also be able to stand out and wear a fascinating look. For people a little more daring there are also alternatives to use since you can look sexy while you warm up and cover-up at the same time.

If you have not heard of these fabulous garments before, you have most likely seen them on the catwalks of the most prominent designers and they are fundamental pieces because they are fashionable and provide a different appearance in those who wear them.

No matter your weight and your size, there is sure to be a faux fur vest that adapts to your body and to your liking. There are many designers who work every day making beautiful pieces to please different tastes and preferences.

Why have faux fur vests become popular?

One of the main reasons why faux fur vests have become increasingly popular is the fact that the materials used in the manufacturing process are artificial in order to imitate animal skins. In this sense, by buying and using a faux fur vest you are contributing to the fact of protecting animals and being against their abuse.

As time has passed, the manufacture of synthetic skins has improved its industrial manufacturing process, which has resulted in the end result being a vest very similar to animal skin. This is why it´s sometimes difficult to differentiate with the naked eye the type of leather used to make the vest.

An important before and after in the history of synthetic leather was in 2017 where Vogue magazine made an official publication explaining the benefits and wonders of synthetic leather, said article set a trend in fashion from that moment on and that’s when faux fur vests began to be manufactured and marketed on a larger scale.

After Vogue’s publication on faux fur, well-known designers such as Armani and Gucci began uploading majestic animal fur-free designs to their runways, this was an important starting point in the history of faux fur vests.

How to look sexy using a faux fur vest?

Although faux fur vests are usually oversized and cover a large part of the body, wearing one can give us a sexy and stylish look at the same time. To be able to look sexy in winter using a faux fur vest, it´s enough to fill our closet with some options of vests that combine with clothing that we already have and thus combine outfits that can be used for any special occasion.

Long dresses combined with faux fur vests provide a sexy and elegant touch at the same time, the idea is to play with colors and textures to achieve a different and glamorous mix. For women a little more daring, you can use the vests with long dresses with an opening in the leg, surely this outfit will attract many looks.

In the case of a look a bit more relaxed but sexy at the same time, a good tight-fitting jeans with boots that combine with a faux fur vest can provide that daring and feminine touch that any woman looking for to wear daily without so much complexity.

Using your creativity, imagination, and of course the appropriate clothing items you can create together with a faux fur vest, that perfect outfit that you want to wear during winter. It’s just a matter of attitude and daring to create your own style that allows you to shine and be different.

Why are faux fur vests used more than anything in winter?

There are options of faux fur vests for any season of the year, but it´s true that the winter season is when they are most used. This is because this season is when people most need to cover and protect themselves from the cold and it´s there that the vests cover this need effectively and appropriately.

Additionally, there are beautiful designs and models that allow those who wear them to be offered a different and fashionable look. This is why more and more people are investing money in the acquisition of faux fur vests to prepare for the winter season.

Advantages of using faux fur vests?

  • They are able to cover the body and protect it effectively from low temperatures.
  • They contribute to the purchase of products made with materials free of animal skins and thus avoid supporting the extinction of species in order to use them for commercial purposes.
  • They can be combined with any garment to form a unique and different look. They fit perfectly with skirts, dresses of any length, pants, shirts, sweaters, and more.
  • There are a variety of options available and these vary in size, shape, textures, and styles. In terms of size, they can be found from short, medium to long. In terms of shape, they can be purchased with or without sleeves. In terms of textures, there are countless options, there are skins with abundant fur as if they were stuffed animals as well as less abundant skins. In terms of styles, there are numerous alternatives on the market, each designer is different and according to their imagination, they design fabulous and fashionable pieces.
  • There is a faux fur vest for every occasion, from a gala evening party, a shopping trip with friends, a date with a special someone to a normal workday.

Winter has arrived

For the arrival of the winter season, it´s important to prepare in advance and if there is something fundamental for women, it´s to equip your closet with the appropriate clothing. That is why a faux fur vest in winter is vital to equip your wardrobe and cannot be missing in any way.

The safest thing is that you need more than one to be able to assemble different combinations, fortunately, you can do it easily thanks to the variety of options and prices that are in the market.

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