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How to identify the leather quality and different types of leather

How to identify the leather quality and different types of leather

Do you want to learn how to identify types of leather and their quality? With us, you can clarify all your doubts. Many categories can be used to categorize different leather types. We can examine various leather qualities, grades, finishes, cuts, grades, and even types of imitation and vegan leather. They diverge significantly in a […]

faux leather fabrics

How Does Real Leather Compare to Faux Leather Fabrics?

Do you want to know more about faux leather fabrics to be able to make a better decision when buying? Here we explain everything. You can go out and buy your clothes, shoes, bags, home articles or upholstery and other items with greater security. We anticipate that many times it is not only about the […]

faux fur fabric

What is Faux Fur Fabric?

Do you know what is faux fur fabric? Maybe you have seen vests and clothing in general made from faux fur but have no idea where exactly it came from. The faux fur fabric is created to manufacture ecological and more sustainable fabrics. That is a goal that the fashion industry has and great progress […]

What Do You Have To Know About Faux Fur

What do you have to know about faux fur?

Have you heard of faux fur but aren’t sure what it is? Well, imagine wearing real fur but without sacrificing animals. That’s it. A noble gesture with nature. Faux fur seeks to replace animal fur to avoid so much animal cruelty on our planet. Read on and learn about all the uses for faux fur […]

faux fur brands

11 Best Brands for Faux Fur Coats and Vests

Are you a lover of faux fur and a lover of fashion? Let me tell you that the textile industry is advancing by leaps and bounds.  The production processes are getting better every time and we can take advantage of them. Distinguished brands move along with technology and bring vibrant options for every taste. Keep […]

Faux fur styles

How to wear fur vests with dresses?

The outfits with fur vests with dresses will never go out of style.  They are the best option to get you out of trouble. But, how to choose the best vest for my dress? Well, this is very easy. It will depend mainly on the style you want to wear, the occasion, and even your […]

look amazing using a faux fur vest

How to look amazing using a faux fur vest?

Do you want to take advance of your faux fur vest? Learn with us. If you are looking that any clothes you wear to instantly look more stylish, we can help you here. We found the solution and we want to share it with you. Imagine walking through the streets of Dublin, wearing skinny jeans, […]

Faux fur vest

The best faux fur vest styles for women

In this blog, we will show you amazing fur vest styles for women that you are going to love. Like all flirtatious and daring women, you want to always look radiant.  May all eyes be on you and speak wonders of your outfit. This is the dream of many women but it is also a […]

care and preserve faux fur vest

How to care and preserve faux fur?

Do you want to learn to care and preserve faux fur?  Surely you love your faux fur garments and want to take care of them to extend their useful life.  You know that if you take good care of them, you will be able to wear them for longer and in good condition.  But how […]

wash your faux fur

How to wash your faux fur at home

Do you want to learn how to wash your faux fur?  If you learn to care for and keep your faux fur clean, you can always keep it in good condition.  You will avoid damage to its fabric and you will always keep it shiny and soft.  Keep reading and learn with us how to […]

Benefits for Choosing Faux Fur Over Animal Fur

Top 5 Benefits for Choosing Faux Fur Over Animal Fur

Do you want to buy a vest but not sure which material to choose?  You have done a little research and you know that there are a variety of options on the market, both in real fur and fake fur.  But you don’t know the pros and cons of each option.  Continue reading and learn […]


How to Rock Faux Fur Fashion

Faux Fur Fashion has been gaining ground for a while now and continues to grow.  From cold weather clothing to music festival clothing, the faux fur trend continues to take over the market.  That is why we are sure that you will not want to stay behind and try this trend.  Continue reading and find […]

dye faux fur easily

How to dye faux fur easily?

Do you know how to dye faux fur easily?  Today there is a wide variety of faux fur fabrics in a wide range of colours and variations.  However, it is occasionally required to dye the skin to provide even more nuance, pattern, or customization.  Continue reading so that you can learn with us how to […]

fast facts on faux fur

Fast facts on faux fur

You’ve probably heard of faux fur but aren’t sure what it’s made of.  Faux fur has caused a stir in recent years because it seeks to raise awareness about animal abuse. If you buy a faux fur garment instead of a real fur garment, you will simply be supporting a noble cause.  Continue reading to […]

Long faux fur vest

Tips for Choosing the Right Faux Fur Vest for Your Style 

Do you want to order and buy a faux fur vest or jacket to look elegant and fashionable but need to know how to choose and combine it?  There are several aspects to consider for a correct choice of a dress vest. Continue reading and discover the best tips for choosing the right faux fur […]

faux fur vest

Why should you buy a faux fur vest?

Do you need a new faux fur vest?  Continue reading if so.  This blog covers everything you need to know about faux fur vests, including the various types that are sold and things to take into account when making a purchase.  We’ll provide you with advice on how to choose the ideal faux fur vest […]

winter faux fur vest

5 different types of faux fur vests for winter?

When winter arrives, we must prepare for the cold, making it necessary to wear warm clothing.  But, are you clear about which is the best vest to select?  There are many options available that make it difficult to make a decision. But do not worry about this, in this blog we will give you some […]

Faux fur vest

Faux Fur Vest long or short? Which one looks better?

Are you wondering which faux fur vest to buy?  Well, fret no more!  In this blog post, we will be discussing the pros and cons of both the long and short faux fur vests, and which one may be better for you.  We will also provide you with tips on how to choose the right […]

Faux fur vest for men

Why do men like to wear faux fur vests?

Wearing a faux fur vest is one of the most popular trends in men’s fashion right now.  Men love simple things when dressing but at the same time highlight their physical appearance.  The soft, delicate texture and luxurious appearance of these vests simply make them feel happy and comforted.  But what are men’s main reasons […]

real fur vest

5 things you didn’t know about faux fur vest

Faux fur is one of the most popular trends in fashion right now, and for good reason.  It’s fashionable, versatile, and perfect for cold or warm weather climates.  Throughout the year faux fur has been used in a variety of different products.  You might have seen faux fur cushions and other products available as well.  […]

artificial fur vest

Faux Fur vs Real Fur: Which Is More Sustainable? 

There’s a lot of debate when it comes to whether faux fur is more sustainable than real fur.  On one hand, faux fur is made from synthetic materials and doesn’t require the killing of animals.  On the other hand, real fur is made from animal skin, which requires a lot of resources and may have […]

short faux fur vest

Our faux fur vests are suitable for all body types

Do you want to add a stylish and comfortable piece of clothing to your wardrobe?  The faux fur vest has got you covered!  This versatile piece can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion and is an elegant garment that will give you a newfound love for fashion.  Curious to know how you […]

faux fur vest black

What are the benefits of an artificial fur vest?

Are you looking for a warm and stylish clothing accessory?  If so, you’ll love artificial fur vests!  These vests are made from artificial fur, which is a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to real fur.  They are also machine-washable and easy to care for, making them a great choice if you’re looking for […]

women fur vest

You can wear a faux fur vest all year round!

If you’re looking to add a little bit of warmth to your winter wardrobe or just a fabulous new garment for warmer seasons, faux fur vests are a great option.  They’re versatile enough to be worn year-round and can be dressed up or down. In this guide, we’ll show you how to wear faux fur […]

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