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short faux fur vest

Our faux fur vests are suitable for all body types

Surely you have seen how faux fur vests look on multiple occasions but maybe you don’t dare to use them because you fear that they will not favor you because of the type of body you have. But calm down, our faux fur vests are suitable for all body types. The important thing is to recognize the type of body you have to learn how to choose the right vest and know how to combine it.

Thin, short, tall, or fat, all women have the right to feel good and look good at the same time. We are a wonderful creation and we love to look regal and elegant to highlight our beauty that we have been granted by nature. When it comes to wearing a faux fur vest, women want the same, to wear a fashionable garment that highlights the benefits we have. That is why we have created a faux fur vest that fits any body type.

We can spend hours watching models, artists, and normal people wearing great outfits that include a faux fur vest. It causes us to look the same but demotivating thoughts associated with the shape of our body tend to come to our mind.

We must be realistic first of all, most people don’t have a runway model body, but they still deserve to look elegant and sexy if they want to. Fortunately, our faux fur vest is suitable for all body types so you can look confident without fear of what others will say.

To choose the right faux fur vest for each one of us, it’s important to recognize what type of body we have; that is, its shape. To be able to identify the shape of our body it’s important to pay attention to the size and characteristics of our shoulders, neck, and torso, for this it’s enough to look at ourselves in front of the mirror and take note of all the details that we find.

Body types are classified into 3 large groups: 


This type of body is characterized mainly by having little muscle mass and little body fat. They have the advantage of being slim since their metabolism is accelerated. The torso is short with narrow shoulders and long limbs. 


People with a mesomorphic body have a very characteristic triangle shape since their shoulders are wide and their waists are slightly narrower. They are athletic in appearance and have the peculiarity that they can lose weight and increase muscle mass quickly, qualities that make them the ideal body type. 


The endomorphic body type is round and with very pronounced curves, its most outstanding characteristics are short stature, a short neck, wide hips, and short limbs. It’s the type of body that has little muscle mass and has greater difficulty in losing weight since they tend to accumulate more fat than the rest of the body types. 

How to use a faux fur vest according to body type?

Vests for ectomorphic bodies

Ectomorphic bodies are the ones that have the greatest advantage over other body types when dressing since tight clothing suits them very well. You can choose a faux fur vest from long to short without fear of looking inappropriate.

It’s important to pay attention to the length of the faux fur vest you want to choose as people with the ectomorphic body type have a very short torso and a normal short size vest may be too long for this body type.

Faux fur vests that are too loose should be avoided since they can make the person who uses them look extremely thin than they already are.

The colors that best suit this type of body are striking tones, these can also be combined with neutral colors such as black or white.

Vests for mesomorphic bodies

Motivated by the athletic appearance of this body type, people with a mesomorphic body like to show off their muscles a lot but when it comes to faux fur vests, it should be done in fair measure.

It’s usually recommended that for these people the faux fur vests be made to measure since their triangular shape composed of wide shoulders and a narrow waist, can cause problems when trying on an already made vest.

Most likely, a vest that fits well across the shoulders will be too baggy for the torso and waist, while a vest that is large for the torso can fit too tightly on the shoulders. To avoid this type of problem, it’s best to make the faux fur vest with the exact measurements of each person.

Vests for endomorphic bodies 

If you have an endomorphic body, the key is to choose the correct size for your faux fur vest, you should not use a vest that is too tight or too loose. Many people think that because they have a voluptuous, round or curvy body, they should wear loose clothing to hide their body shape.
On the contrary, you should opt for clothes that are somewhat tighter than baggy so as not to look more robust than you are. 

The belts go very well with the vests, it generates a visual sensation of being tighter and oddly enough, it makes the person look a little slimmer and more stylized. Dark colors are the ones that most favor this type of body, black is usually the favorite. 

Completely avoid using a printed faux fur vest, with stripes and much less curved ones, they will generate an extra visual volume that is not recommended to wear on this type of body. 

If you have a few extra kilos you don’t have to feel self-conscious, you can wear a faux fur vest like anyone else, you just have to consider the above advice and choose the one that best suits your body and your personality. 

Find the perfect faux fur vest for you 

You already know that our faux fur vests are suitable for all body types, you just have to consider the aforementioned recommendations in terms of shape, colors, and sizes so that you can find the vest that fits you and your personality. Our idea is to create options that satisfy our general public and that women can look divine and divas as they have always wanted. 

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